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The Foodie: Spring Takes Root in the Kitchen

April 17, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the first days of spring. Cooks and food lovers take particular delight in the shoots and buds that mark the advent of the warmer months. Put your Chilean peaches and Chinese tomatoes away and support local farmers markets and restaurants that feature regional produce. Dig into a homemade rhubarb pie and you’ll know spring has sprung.

If you’re interested in cooking with seasonal produce, a number of great cookbooks can make the process simple and relatively straightforward. Get started with “The Farmer’s Market Cookbook: Seasonal Dishes Made from Nature’s Freshest Ingredients” by Richard Ruben and “Fresh From the Farmer’s Market: Year Round Recipes for the Pick of the Crop” by Janet Fletcher, with an introduction by Alice Waters.

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