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Fashion Week: New York, February 1-8

March 11, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Many of us think of New York as the capital of the world, and even those abroad know that New York Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events of the year. Tapping the U.S. market is one of the biggest benefits of showing in New York, even in this age of jet-setting world citizenship.

Falling into Fall/Winter

New York is popular during Fashion Week, partly because many designers depend on Hollywood’s A-list celebrities to wear their creations, show them off on the red carpet, and set trends that trickle down to the rest of us. And does it ever work! Magazines like People and Us Magazine, as well as higher-end fashion monthlies like Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair focus on celebrities in many of their features. On top of that, designers are using celebrities in ad campaigns like never before. It all starts at Fashion Week, where celebrities get front-row seats and a first glance at clothing that won't be on sale to the public for several more months.

Officially Speaking

Tackling the Trends

New York magazine has advanced its Web site to such a degree that it's now one of the best online resources for Fashion Week, outranking even fashion-focused magazines like People.
The "My Fashion Album" section of the site is especially noteworthy: It's a free, interactive feature that lets you clip and save images from New York's fashion show database into your own online scrapbook.

The Attendees: Making an Impact

Appeal for All

The Keepers

In the Background

Wrapping Up the Week

Return tomorrow for a look at the classic and idiosyncratic ways of London Fashion Week and its forever-trendy attendees.

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