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Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2008 Collections

March 10, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
This week is dedicated to the 2008 Fall/Winter collections and the ample Web resources available for all of the main events. We'll take you to the online homes of magazines, newspapers, fashion bloggers, and, of course, the designers themselves. You might not have a front row seat next to Vogue's Anna Wintour, but you'll be just as educated on the current trends. We'll start with an introduction to this massively popular event, and spend the next four days covering the major host cities' 2008 offerings.

About Fashion

In February and March fashion's biggest fans and industry experts gather in the Paris, Milan, London and New York for a week of runway shows and parties known collectively as Fall/Winter Fashion Week. Fashion journalists, celebrities and luxury-goods consumers, in addition to buyers from major retailers, are among the guests at hundreds of events showcasing the upcoming spring and summer collections. The press, primarily magazine staff, are given ample time to review the collections and plan their fall issues. The retailers get a chance to decide what items to order for their stores. Their advance notice gives manufacturers time to acquire fabrics and patterns and fulfill retail demands.

Fashion History

Also on Slate, Josh Patner answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Fashion Week.

The Big Issues

Fashion isn't always about glamour. In recent years there has been much discussion regarding too-thin models. Extreme dieting has led to the death of at least three models in the past two years. In attempts to make positive in-roads on this issue, the officials at Madrid's 2007 Fall/Winter Fashion Week banned models under a certain body mass index (BMI), the calculation of weight versus height commonly used as a guideline for nutrition and physical health. Models had to have a BMI of at least 18. For example, to attain this number, a woman who is 5’9” must weigh at least 123 pounds.

Progressive Strides

The Play-by-Play


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