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October 01, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Complex political situations, economic ties, and military activity link the United States with dozens of countries and their respective leaders. Among the country’s numerous topical relationships are those with France, Germany, Russia, the U.K. and Israel. This week we explore the rise of the five countries’ current leaders, their policies, and relevant commentary that sheds light on their own views and public perception.

Gordon Brown


Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair as the prime minister of Britain in June of 2007. Brown was finance minister, also known as the chancellor of the exchequer, during the entirety of Tony Blair's 10 years in office.

The two men were decisive in changing the constitution of Britain's Labour Party, which prior to Blair's election victory in 1997 had been out of power for almost two decades.

Political legend has it that before becoming prime minister, Blair promised Brown he would step aside after only one term as premier to let his long-time political partner lead the country.

In the end, Tony Blair resigned midway in his third term. Before Blair's ascendancy to power, no British Labour prime minister had won even two elections in a row.

Treasury to Top Seat

With What Policies?

Gearing Up

For another perspective on Brown, head over to the Guardian, which has a series of articles on Brown's Iraq policies and current developments in related areas.

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