Jack & Suzy Welch

February 16, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
A profile of Jack and Suzy Welch, a pair of accomplished businesspeople who collaborate on books, in columns, and in articles about managing and succeeding in business.

A "Tough Guy" in Love


Responsible Romance

But the relationship flourished and the two, who both seem to have endless energy, found ways to channel those energies that capitalized on each other’s innate talents and abilities and their vast experience. They co-wrote the book “Winning” and talk about their personal lives there as well in numerous articles and interviews, referring to themselves more as soul mates than simply as teammates. But they do make an amazing team: their book sailed into the international bestseller stratosphere; they lecture and make public appearances all over the world discussing its principles and how to apply them to business, career challenges and managing the ever-elusive, perfect work/life balance.

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