Vincent Van Gogh

December 21, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted at the same time as the Impressionist artists, however, this enigmatic artist developed a style that was distinctly his own. A vibrant use of color and a dreamlike quality are characteristic of his works. Explore the life of the Dutch genius who created celebrated masterpieces while struggling with internal conflict.

The Man

When did Van Gogh begin painting? What effect did his family have on his work? Find the answers by reading this thorough and illustrated chronology of Van Gogh’s life.
The 19th-century artist is known for his detailed writings on art and life. Read the complete text of Van Gogh’s letters. The writing is unabridged, annotated, and searchable by feelings, topics, or chronology.
At one point in his life, Van Gogh deliberately cut off his own ear. Read an article that discusses the reasoning behind this gruesome act.

The Masterpieces

The sunflower series are the paintings most often identified with Van Gogh. See images of the works and learn more about the region of France where the artist derived his botanical inspiration.
“Starry Night”  Van Gogh’s depiction of the night sky in Saint-Remy, France, was not the first nocturnal painting by the artist, but it is the most famous.
Take a virtual tour of the Van Gogh exhibit at National Gallery of Art.
If you’d like to linger over the beauty of the Dutch artist’s many masterpieces, don’t miss the lavishly illustrated book, Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings.

The Collections

The Van Gogh Gallery is a very comprehensive online resource for all things related to the artist. View images of paintings, read a biography, learn about the Van Gogh’s artistic influences, and derive inspiration from the “quotes” section of the Web site.
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands provides an interactive overview of the artist’s life and work.
Musee d’Orsay Web site provides information on their 1988 exhibit of Van Gogh’s Parisian works. The exhibition was important because it allowed viewers to compare and contrast Van Gogh’s work with his avant-garde contemporaries such as Toulouse-Lautrec.

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