Gilda Radner

December 19, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
“Humor is just truth, only faster,” according to original Saturday Night Live cast member Gilda Radner. Radner was known best for her comedy-skit alter egos: the nerdy Lisa Loopner, the ditzy, passionate Emily Litella, Girl Scout Judy Miller, and the brash face of local news, Rosanne Rosannadanna.

Funny Girl

For a good introduction to this female comedian, visit TV Guide’s profile of the star.
The Biography Channel has compiled a list of quirky and little-know facts about Gilda Radner.
Time Out Chicago reviewed the 1982 film Hanky Panky starring Gilda Radner and husband Gene Wilder.

Saturday Night Live Sweetheart

What could be more romantic than nerds at prom? Watch this NBC video of Radner in character as socially awkward highschooler Lisa Loopner.
Radner was the first comedian to impersonate the famous news anchor, Barbara Walters. View this Google Video to hear about Barbara’s initial reaction. When you’re finished, scroll through the list on the right to check out some more funny clips starring Gilda Radner.

It’s Always Something…

After a long struggle with ovarian cancer, Radner passed away in May 1989. For a summary of Radner’s career highlights, read her obituary from The New York Times.
Founded in part by Gilda’s husband, actor Gene Wilder, Gilda’s Club is completely free of charge and emphasizes community-building, collective wisdom, and shared experience among its members. Visit the Web site to learn more about the origins and activities of this cancer support organization.
It’s Always Something is Radner’s inspiring personal account of her struggle with ovarian cancer and her attempt to keep an upbeat attitude during her illness.
See Radner portray some of Saturday Night Live’s funniest characters in The Best of Gilda Radner.

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