Jon Soltz

November 26, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Jon Soltz, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, is an energetic debater, a frequent presence on broadcast news, and the co-founder of Vote Vets, which aims to get more military veterans elected to Congress.

For the Vets

In a recent article for the political blog The Huffington Post, Soltz remarks on the lack of media coverage for the controversial  conditions of VA (Veterans Affairs) clinics and hospitals.

Read what Soltz has to say about the strain on the VA’s resources following the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

Goals for the Vote

At the VoteVets Web site, Soltz outlines some of his organization's goals, including an effort to bring current members of Congress into the spotlight as debaters and policy-makers.
In Newsweek's article, "Hard Hitters," journalist Darren Briscoe talks about the VoteVets role in 2007’s Superbowl ad campaigns, and interviews Jon Soltz about the aims of VoteVets. Soltz explains that VoteVets is pro-military, but does oppose the war.

Policy Making

In Foreign Policy magazine, an interview with Soltz explores the reverberations of being an injured veteran. The piece discusses the multitude of injuries and health problems, some of them mental, that affect returning soldiers. Soltz says, "Anything is winnable in military terms," but points out that success in Iraq did not feel clearly defined to him as a soldier; nor did it after his deployment. The biggest hurdle for veterans, he says, is post-traumatic stress disorder, and the exploration and treatment of such a condition requires considerably more funding from the VA. Read more of Soltz's commentary below.

Front and Center

Common Dreams, an online news aggregator with an eye for "progressive" news, republishes a recent Los Angeles Times profile of Soltz, where the newspaper observes his frequent presence in the public eye. Looking ahead to the upcoming presidential election, Soltz has taken more opportunities to challenge the Republican party, especially on the topic of the war in Iraq.

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