Sol LeWitt

November 16, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Sol LeWitt’s style derives inspiration from the cube, a geometric form that influenced the artist’s work from its nascent beginnings.  Sol LeWitt was an American artist often linked to the minimalist and conceptual art movements. His dominant mediums were painting, drawing, and structures (sometimes referred to as sculptures).

My Life in Art

Some of LeWitt's most memorable works include his “Wall Drawings” a series that often took teams of assistants and many weeks to execute. The drawings were based on LeWitt’s written instructions for completing the work, though he often played little or no role in the actual installation. Through these methods, LeWitt permitted other people to participate in the creative process and become artists themselves. Mr. LeWitt shied away from the spotlight and preferred to give credit to others rather than emphasize his own genius. Mr. LeWitt passed away in April of 2007.

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