The Primary Contenders: Hillary Clinton

January 14, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
A senator from New York and a former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a leading contender in the 2008 presidential election, standing on a platform of “experience” against relative newcomers and popular contenders, Senator John Edwards of South Carolina, and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.


Clinton’s biography on the U.S. Senate Web site discusses the politician’s accomplishment in terms of her senate résumé. It also mentions her philanthropic work and book publications, including her best-selling autobiography, Living History. Clinton’s official biography, displayed on her campaign Web site, notes her Illinois upbringing, motherhood, her role as first lady, and her most recent position as New York’s junior senator; she is now in her second term. Visit the New York Times’s Topic page on Clinton for up-to-date articles, statistics, and analysis of the candidate.


The New York Times’s recent article on the early days of Hillary Rodham’s political career explores her passionate 1960s-era sentiments and political thoughts as a “civic-minded Republican” who exchanged letters with a childhood friend, Richard Peavoy. Excerpts from the letters are shared and comments provided by Peavoy. Another Times article on Clinton’s early career tells a story of the heated environment of 1968 and Clinton’s civil-rights work and words during this time.

The Clinton Stance

The focal points of Clinton’s platform are outlined in the “Issues” section of her campaign site. These include an end to the Iraq War, U.S. energy independence, women’s rights, immigration reform, and health care. A critical list of many of Clinton’s quotes, as well as voting record information on all of the crucial election topics can be found at Clinton’s official YouTube page, part of the site’s “You Choose ‘08” project, hosts nearly 200 videos of the candidate, including debates, commercials, speeches, and more.

The Woman Ticket

One significant feature of Clinton’s campaign is that she may become the first female United States president. In the “Champion for Women” section of her site, Clinton promotes her previous efforts on behalf of women and her proposed goals when in office.
In an article in The Nation entitled “Hillary’s ’Feminist Problem,” journalist and feminist Lakshmi Chaudhry asks whether Clinton, a woman with a history of women’s advocacy, can achieve the necessary recognition to get elected president. Chaudhry’s argument is that the feminist vote might very well prefer Senator Edwards or Senator Obama. She provides the opinions of several feminists who provide their analysis of the Clinton platform.

The Religion Question

The PEW Forum on Religion & Public Life has profiles on all the presidential candidates, and Clinton’s page features statistics on her political career, “Must Read” articles on the role of religion in her campaign, religious groups’ voting decisions, and those of the voting public.

The Public’s Stance

The site Polling Report, in its “Democratic nomination” section, has the results of dozens of recent polls that shed light on Clinton’s perceived position in the run-up to the party nomination. Poll sources include CBS News, the New York Times, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, FOX News, and many more.
For more information on the presidential candidates and where to find the best resources on election coverage, consult our 2008 Election Guide.

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