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6 Essential Thanksgiving Sites

November 07, 2010
by findingDulcinea Staff
Thanksgiving is a day of family, friends, food and togetherness. But putting the whole thing together generally requires a great deal of effort. If you need help cooking a turkey the family will rave about, ways of getting your children involved in the celebration and tips on surviving the day with your sanity intact, check these Web sites for inspiration.

Discover the History of Thanksgiving

Celebrations to express gratitude for the bounty on the table have been going on for centuries. The Library of Congress highlights important dates in Thanksgiving history from 1541–2001. Key moments include observances that took place in Texas, Florida and Maine, years before Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered for a festive meal in Massachusetts. The timeline also makes note of other events that eventually became essential aspects of the holiday, such as the first championship game by the American Intercollegiate Football Association, played on Thanksgiving Day in 1876.

Cook a Meal the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Do you want free range, organic or kosher? Should you roast, brine or deep-fry? The Food Network can help you decide, with advice for selecting, cooking and carving your Thanksgiving turkey. “Top 10 Turkey Tips” will ensure that you’re not facing a half-frozen bird minutes before the guests are due to arrive. The site also offers pages of turkey, side dish and dessert recipes that will give your festive meal just the pizzazz it needs.

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to live in fear of gaining too much weight. The American Dietetic Association can help you create a healthy meal that tastes great, too, pointing out several ways in which you can significantly reduce the fat in traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Why not try making your stuffing with whole wheat bread this year?

Create a Holiday Atmosphere

Get your kids in the holiday spirit and add some decorative flair to your holiday table with Kaboose’s simple-to-follow directions for making tin can turkeys, homemade placecard holders, fall-themed candle holders and other family-friendly craft ideas.

Watch the Thanksgiving Parade

If your Thanksgiving Day won’t be complete without watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the official Web site will tell you what to do to be there in person, or even participate in the parade yourself. The site also offers a really great interactive, multimedia timeline of the parade's history.

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