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What’s Fresh in Early August: Corn

August 01, 2009
by Erin Harris
A summer barbecue or picnic staple, corn is one of the vegetables that will be ripe in early August. Relatively inexpensive and refreshing on a hot summer day, corn can be made into many meals and eaten in more ways than just on the cob.

Corn: Popped, Grilled and On the Cob

Did you know that popcorn is made from a specific variety of corn? Also known as Zea mays everta, its tiny kernels burst—or “pop”—when exposed to dry heat. Learn about other varieties and the history of corn from the Camp Silos site. More corn is produced than any other crop in America; not only is it eaten, but it also makes its way into “rubber, plastics, fuel, clothing … and literally thousands of other forms.”

With 19 percent of your daily folate requirement in a one-cup serving, corn is believed to enhance cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that corn may even help manage stress, thanks to its high levels of pantothenic acid, which supports adrenal gland function. So, the next time you have a deadline approaching, grab an ear of corn and start munching. Find a complete nutritional profile of corn at The World’s Healthiest Foods, along with tips on how to select and store the vegetable.

The sweetness of corn picks up a smoky flavor when grilled; The New York Times provides a tasty recipe for grilled corn on the cob with chipotle mayonnaise. This recipe for Grilled Corn and Crab Salad with Raspberries pairs the juicy kernels with fresh lump crabmeat, dill, scallions and tomatoes. Raspberries and a splash of raspberry vinegar bring the medley of summer flavors full circle.

If you are planning on using corn as a side dish at a summer barbecue, visit the Barbecue Season feature for delicious marinade recipes and grilling techniques, and try the Summer Salads feature for more tasty side dish ideas.

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