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What’s Fresh in Early September: Asian Pears

September 03, 2009
by Erin Harris
Let the flavors of sun-ripened Asian pears linger on your taste buds as you prepare for autumn’s chill. Asian pears are at peak ripeness in early September.

Asian Pears

What makes a pear Asian? Well for one thing, it lacks the tapered shape of European varieties, such as Anjou or Bosc, and is typically much juicier and sweeter. Like an apple, it ripens on the tree and bears crisp, white flesh. You’ve probably seen the 20th Century (aka Nijisseki) Asian pear, characterized by smooth, golden skin, at your local market.

Asian pears can help you meet your daily vitamin C and K requirements. One medium-sized Asian pear also contains 18 percent of your recommended daily fiber, which may help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Low in fat and cholesterol, one Asian pear is approximately 50 calories; unfortunately, much of that are sugars.

Looking for a warm dish to tuck into when the cool weather rolls in? Try this recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle. Warm flatbread is topped with sliced Asian pears, caramelized onions, blue cheese and soy-glazed pecans. The perfect balance of tangy, pungent and sweet, this flatbread would serve as a great appetizer for a group or as a delicious meal for one. The melon undertones of Asian pears echo the sweet flavors of summer as they seep into this robust, early autumn dish.

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