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The Foodie: A Good Cup of Coffee

May 08, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
by Liz Colville
For years, coffee has meant far more than your basic cup of joe; aficionados carefully judge its foam, froth, mouth feel, scent and presentation. FindingDulcinea pays tribute to the art of coffee and its most successful artists.

“Coffee culture continues to expand far beyond simple retailing,” says in its review of the New York City café scene. Though many of us just want to buy a bag of beans in our local supermarket, co-op or café, other consumers demand quality, sophistication and social consciousness in their cup, expecting more from their coffee than what’s on offer in than those cheesy Nescafé commercials of the 1990s. (Incidentally, Great Britain may have had it far worse in that department.)

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