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The Foodie: Barbecue Season

July 03, 2008
by Isabel Cowles
Barbecue is a summer staple for virtually every American, but for some dedicated enthusiasts, life is a full-time cook-off. In this Foodie feature, we look at American barbecue and the devotees who keep the grill flame lit from July to June.

Getting Started


Stickin’ to Your Ribs Down South

Barbecue enthusiasts are all over the country, though none so proud as those in the South. Although arguments abound about where exactly barbeque originated and what variations of vinegar marinades or spicy rubs are best to dress a cut of meat, one thing is certain: every region of the American South has its own barbecue style.

Finger Lickin’ up North

The North has its fair share of finger lickin’ food, too. But as BBQ wasn’t originally a Yankee staple, some effort is required to seek out the best of the barbecue best. Fortunately, a number of enthusiasts have made Northern barbecue a life’s pursuit.

Barbecuin’ Across the U.S.A.

Many barbecue enthusiasts love to talk about their passion. Fortunately, the Internet has given them limitless space to muse about the merits of their favorite forms of grilling, marinating and food presentation. For a truly anthropological look at American barbecue today, check out what some of these enthusiasts have to say about cooking and eating BBQ.

Celebrity Grill Masters

Some barbecue lovers channel their enthusiasm into popular books, recipes and television shows. Here are a couple of grill masters who’ve won fame and fortune over the flame.

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