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5 Sites for Healthy Baking Solutions

December 27, 2009
by findingDulcinea Staff
Winter is the time for baking: learning something new, teaching kids some culinary skills, and making the house smell great. If your New Year's resolutions for 2010 include fitness and weight loss, you might be interested in healthier baking recipes. These sites, derived from our Baking Web Guide, can lead you in the right direction.

Baked Goods With Less Fat and Fewer Calories

Yogurt instead of oil, or less sugar in favor of more spices: these are just two simple ways to cut back on fat and calories in your favorite baked goods, while maintaining flavor.

Cooking Light magazine offers tips for low-fat baking and substitutions for the usual high-calorie ingredients you find in most baked goods. This reputable magazine guarantees you won't sacrifice taste in the process.

Betty Crocker has "Healthy Baking Tips" that also mention ingredient substitutions. Try typing "low fat" in the search box on the upper right to find some lighter dessert choices.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Baking

Many people are discovering the benefits of vegan and gluten-free cooking and baking. Recipes without wheat or dairy products tend to be lower in fat, but can still be delicious if prepared properly.

Vegan recipes are a good way to discover low-fat baking. Goodbaker sells low-fat, organic baking mixes and also offers free recipes and low-fat baking hints. You can also "Ask Goodbaker” any vegan baking questions.

Post Punk Kitchen is a public access vegan cooking show. Although it covers vegan cooking of all kinds, the Post Punk baking section is especially helpful for advice on how to cook vegan.

The number of people diagnosed with celiac disease (requiring a gluten-free diet for life) is on the rise, and you can often cut calories when baking with gluten-free mixes, which typically use some combination of rice, tapioca and soy flour and sometimes call for sweeteners like agave syrup instead of sugar. Arrowhead Mills sells a variety of such products, including all-purpose mixes.

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