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Last-Minute Tips for Where to Stay During the Inauguration

January 09, 2009
by Sarah Amandolare
Despite the speculation over the number of Obama fans who will be trekking to Washington, D.C., for the inauguration—estimates range from 1 to 4 million—things have calmed down considerably with just weeks to go. According to D.C. travel insiders, many online rental ads went unanswered, and some people have backed out of their inaugural hotel reservations. In other words, if you’ve waited until the last minute to book a place to stay in Washington, D.C., for the week of Jan. 20, you could be in luck. Use the Web sites in this article to plan your lodgings.

The Hype

The DCist blog performed an informal survey and found that people who posted rentals online for inauguration week rarely got responses. The hype surrounding how difficult it would be to find a hotel for Obama's inauguration in D.C. may have been overblown. Although many hotels may be booked, private rentals remain available.

D.C. Apartment and Home Rentals

Fox News interviewed Washington, D.C., blogger Pamela, of D.C. blog Pamela’s Punch, for the scoop on remaining inauguration hotels and accommodations. According to Pamela, there are still rentals available for D.C. visitors on the Inauguration Homes Web site, as well as on Washington D.C. Craigslist (consult the “housing” section for rental options).  

Washington City Paper has numerous inauguration rental listings starting as low at $250. Many have been posted over the past two days, January 5–6. Some listings include photos.

Viscape has traveler-generated content to help you plan a vacation, providing accommodation options and information on more than 100 destinations, including Washington, D.C. Browse more than 200 rental options (as of Jan. 7) available during inauguration week, ranging from $200 and up.

The Baltimore Sun travel blog
links to several different resources that can help you find inauguration hotels and accomodations, including Inaugural Homes.

Virginia and Beyond

Virginia newspaper The News Advance reports that hotels in Charlottesville, 120 miles from D.C., are booked, but Lynchburg has plenty of available hotel rooms. “Other far-flung locales seeing a surge in inaugural hotel bookings include Philadelphia (140 miles away), Richmond (105 miles), Williamsburg (150 miles), Waynesboro (140 miles), Luray (92 miles) and Fredericksburg (50 miles),” according to the article.

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