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How to Host an Inauguration Day Party

January 14, 2009
by Isabel Cowles
If you’ve decided to invite friends over to witness Barack Obama’s historical swearing-in, findingDulcinea offers several resources to help you welcome America’s new commander-in-chief with a great inauguration day party. Show off your Obamamania with patriotic decorations, great food, live inauguration coverage and fun facts about president #44.

Decorate for Your Inauguration Party, Obama-style

No inauguration party would be complete without themed decorations and favors. Get into the spirit by ordering some Obama paraphernalia. You can go way beyond pins, pens and t-shirts: offers Obama-themed artwork, stationery, throw pillows, tile coasters and ornaments to help you deck out your house for the inaugural occasion.

What to Serve at Your Inauguration Party

If you want to cook like Obama, use his very own family chili recipe, available from ABC News. During the campaign, Obama divulged one of his favorite recipes on “Good Morning America,” so every American can get a taste of what he cooks best. You can also make McCain-inspired ribs in honor of his former rival.

Inauguration Party Games

Have fun with your guests by testing your knowledge of American history and Obama facts at the interactive Web site Click4Obama. The site originally served as a fundraising mechanism for the campaign (each correct answer earned Obama ad pixels online), but the questions are still available.

To design your own trivia game, have a look at these 50 quirky facts about Barack Obama, published in The Telegraph. The British newspaper offers some lesser-known information on the President-elect, including how many pounds he can bench press, his favorite items to collect and what type of suit he wears.

Watch the Inauguration on TV

If you don’t have an apartment overlooking the Washington Mall, fret not: your guests can still enjoy the event as if they were there; all the major networks will be broadcasting every minute of the historic occasion. For a more personal take on the event, seek out the more intimate coverage that BET plans to offer. The network, which has paid little attention to presidential inaugurations in the past, will provide a you-are-there perspective, with a special focus on interviews with people who have traveled to Washington for the ceremony.

Get your inauguration celebration started early with HBO, which has been granted exclusive rights to broadcast the opening ceremony on Sunday, January 18; it will undoubtedly feature plenty of A-list entertainment. If you don’t subscribe to HBO, don’t worry: the network plans to offer its coverage of the opening ceremony to anyone with basic cable or satellite service.

For a complete list of all the ways to watch the inauguration on TV and online, consult the Chicago Sun-Times TV blog.

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