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Top 6 College Football Sites

September 15, 2008
by Christopher Coats
The temperatures drop, the leaves turn and the tailgates fall—it can only mean one thing: college football is back.

The Road to the BCS

With students returning to campuses across the country, teams are suiting up from UCLA to Miami, taking to the field intent on unseating the mighty LSU from the national championship seat come January.

Rosters are set, fantasy teams chosen and starters selected, all setting the stage for another year of NCAA drama. However, with more than 100 teams spread across 12 regions in Division 1-A alone, it’s nearly impossible to keep abreast of all the action—a challenge not even a nightly dose of SportsCenter is likely to help overcome.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of online help to get you from early fall through the often convoluted bowl series and finally to Miami’s Dolphin Stadium on January 8 for the 2009 BCS Championship.
With most sites offering some variation of the same player stats and scores, we set out to find the six best sites to keep fans informed, aware and, in most cases, entertained. So, fire up the grill, paint your face, make your picks and settle in—it’s a long road to January and these are the sites to help you get there.

The Sites to Have Each Saturday

Rivals is Yahoo’s fix for your college football jones with a healthy collection of stats, game calendars, odds, standings and video of the latest, in case you somehow slept through Saturday. Look for their Dr. Saturday (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BCS) for the latest and greatest from editor Matt Hinton, previously known as the Sunday Morning Quarterback on a blog of his own.

Scout provides a heavier dose of lists and stats with a dense collection of information, broken into analysis reports, favorites, players to watch and team pages with more lineup specific data than most sites offer on an entire division. With a team of editors that seem obscenely connected to the comings and goings of the NCAA, Scout is a vital one-stop shop for college football junkies.

The Wiz of Odds suggests a heaven for sports betters, and while it could be used to help with you picks, Odds provides an inside look like few others, with video and commentary analysis, as well as a daily roundup of the country’s best reporting on college ball. Check out their resources section to find a collection of division and team-specific blogs for a localized view on Saturday’s action.
Every Day Should Be Saturday adds a necessary shot of humor and snark to college football coverage with their commentary but don’t manage to lose any of their authority or insight in the process. While tangents often take them off the beaten college ball path (see their Wednesday Mustache feature), ESBS provides an expansive view of NCAA action courtesy of two University of Florida graduates who offer little more than obsessive fandom as a qualification.

College Football Resource
defies its bland moniker with an endless supply of stats and running commentary on the national scene. While most of their best information is hosted on site, don’t miss their links sections for pod and videocasts, headlines and team-specific blogs.

Fantasy College Blitz is a crucial bookmark for any members of a fantasy league. While we are never ones to condone or support gambling, the rush to create fantasy leagues for any and every sport, professional or otherwise, is impossible to ignore, so we might as well help you make informed decisions. Blitz provides commentary on a series of games, with team history, their predictions for the week and comments to explain their choices.

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