6 Sites to Save Shoppers Money

November 18, 2008
by Rachel Balik
True shopping lovers all agree on one thing: there is nothing better than a great bargain. Once upon a time, finding stuff on sale meant scanning newspapers for coupons or sifting through bins of sale items. With the Internet, it takes significantly less time to discover the best deals and bargains. Here are six of our favorite sites to save you money.

One way to save money is to head directly to online stores that offer discount products. Graveyard Mall sells a variety of overstock and closeout merchandise, including toys, housewares and personal care items. One section lists all $1 items, and there's also a “Bargain Bin” that includes sale merchandise.

The Thrifty Chick is your ultimate source for savings. The entries in the blog usually include details about coupons and sales, including expiration dates and tips for making the most of the deal. Learn about the Thrifty Chick’s favorite products, sample sales, insider knowledge of deals and tips for saving some cash. The blog offers concise insights and product reviews, and generally only high-quality products are selected.

You can also use the Internet to find coupons that you can use at brick-and-mortar stores. NaughtyCodes collects coupons that are sent to select customers only. Some stores, for example, send “secret” e-mail coupons to their newsletter subscribers or credit card holders. NaughtyCodes compiles these coupons, along with the more widely publicized ones, and makes them available to everyone.
Even if you’re not getting an item that is specifically on sale, you can shave a bit off your total cost by investigating rebates. We recommend Ebates, one of the oldest and largest shopping portals online. Choose from more than 900 stores and get back a percentage of your purchase (usually about 3–6 percent) as a cash rebate, which can be mailed to you as a paper check or sent to a PayPal account. You must earn at least $10 before your rebate is sent to you. Also be sure to visit the Ebates blog, which tracks bargains all over the Web and shares them with you.

The only thing better than getting money back is getting money back that will turn into more money later. Stockback allows you to invest your rebates (usually 5 percent or so of your purchase amount) in any investment account of your choice, including a money market account from your local bank. Combine shopping savings with serious planning for your future. It’s really the ultimate financial package.

And of course, saving money is always nice, but getting stuff for free is best of all! Your Daily Freebies pretty much delivers what its name promises. Daily updates mean you don’t need to sift through expired offers and deals. This Web site lists all kinds of freebies, including shampoo samples, magazine subscriptions, T-shirts, and coupons.

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