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6 Sites for Beauty Bargains

November 21, 2008
by Rachel Balik
You’ve already got your makeup routine down to a T; buying your beauty supplies can be just as streamlined with help from the Web. We know that just because makeup is a major part of your look, it doesn’t mean you want to spend a fortune on it. We’ve collected six sites that will help you find the products you can’t resist at a price that will be equally enticing.

Beauty.com offers the greatest diversity of beauty products as well as some of the most reasonable prices and deals on the Web. New customers can get free shipping on all orders over $25 dollars, and repeat customers get the same deal on orders over $49. Plus, every time you make an order, you earn 5 percent of the total to be automatically deducted from your next order. And you can choose from a selection of free samples to accompany every purchase you make. Browse by brand or category, or explore the “Natural” section, where you can buy organic, cruelty-free and holistic products. The Web site’s most purchased products are featured in each section so you can get immediate advice on what’s popular. Beauty.com’s sister site, Drugstore.com, also offers drugstore brand makeup.

AmericaRX has the most extensive online selection of drugstore brand cosmetics and accessories like brushes, tweezers and nail supplies. Although it is not easy to navigate the site by brand, you can narrow your search to a specific area of the face (even leg makeup is available) and browse all brands’ products in that category. The site ships nationwide and also has a good selection of other drugstore products, similar to what you would find on sites like Drugstore.com.
Of course, if drugstore brands aren’t your thing, you may find deals a bit harder to come by, especially if you like organic products. Saffron Rouge has more than 800 organic beauty products, many of which are quite expensive. But there are still deals to be found: the site offers more than 150 free samples, and you are allowed to order between two and five at a time. A function that allows you to sort by price or by name helps facilitate your shopping. Search for products by such categories as “Hair Care,” “Aromatherapy” and “Wellness.”

Of course, there are great one-shot deals to be found everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to discover them yourself, and that’s where bloggers come in. The Budget Fashionista offers fashion and beauty tips to women who love to look good but want to do it without breaking the bank. The Fashionista regularly highlights product giveaways at major drugstores and keeps a lively dialogue going with other users on favorite products. Also be sure to look for economic survival guides, such as this guide to hair products under five dollars.

The Budget Fashionista can help you stay attuned to money-saving opportunities as they arise, but if you need a way to consistently save a few dollars on your makeup purchases, then bookmark Beautysteals.com. Most of the site’s high-quality makeup from major brands is available at some kind of discount. Although the more expensive products are less discounted, we all know that saving even a few dollars with each purchase can add up. You’ll also benefit from free shipping, so that the money that you’ve saved doesn’t get eaten up by the post office.

Sometimes, the key to saving money on staying beautiful is making the right choices on good accessories the first time around. By investing in the right set of tools, you’re likely to be satisfied for a longer period of time. That way, you can avoid dumping dollars into constantly replacing products that don’t really work for you. Consult Allure magazine’s “Master List of Beauty Tools” and choose quality over quantity.

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