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5 Sites to Help You Clean and Organize Your House

April 03, 2009
by Erin Harris
Spent another morning stumbling through heaps of dirty clothes and mounds of old mail looking for your keys? That’s no way to live. These five Web sites offer straightforward tips on how to organize your house. Even the messiest among us have to start somewhere.

Organizing Network contains tips, checklists and how-to guides to get your home, self, family and work life in order. Read articles like “Driving Home the Cost of Clutter,” which points out that we only use about 20 percent of the paper we keep. Getting your home in order is often too big a job to do by yourself; the site explains how to encourage your entire family to take part. If you require professional help, use the “Find an Expert” search to locate consultants, designers and cleaning services in your area.

Unclutterer is a quirky blog that looks at housecleaning on a small scale, answering questions like, “How can you use a freezer to help with meal planning?” and helping couples divvy up chores and fit two workstations into a small space. If you're short on time, read “10 Tips to Beat Clutter in Less Than Five Minutes.” Simple steps, like hanging up your coat and throwing out the newspaper each night—whether or not you’ve read it—can really add up to a clean home.

Expert Village walks you through the cleaning process with a series of videos on different parts of the home. Watch expert Katrina Cameron organize bookshelves and file cabinets, create a Kitchen Grab & Go drawer and demonstrate how to classify receipts. There are also several shorts on how to turn your jungle of a closet into a haven for neat, orderly clothes, making getting dressed in the morning a snap.
OnlineOrganizing.com provides a checklist of quick fixes that you can do if you're short on time but still want your home to look neat. It has a Clickable House, in which cleaning tips are organized by room, from garage to attic, so that you know how to tackle each mess. The Clickable Office feature also offers advice on how to organize your workspace.

Tracy, writer of Tips to Organize Life, urges you to “promise yourself that you will never spend another entire weekend cleaning when you should be out enjoying life.” Her site breaks down the insurmountable task of housecleaning by tackling one room at a time. It provides step-by-step instructions for going through your bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and so on. If you follow her advice to never leave a room empty handed, you may find that cleaning your house really isn’t as impossible as it sounds. In fact, you can even make money from all that clutter you’ve unearthed: Tracy explains how to throw a successful garage sale and let other people put that clutter to good use.

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