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7 Sites for Pregnancy Preparation

December 03, 2008
by Lindsey Chapman
For many women, pregnancy is a time filled with anticipation, excitement, countless questions and shifting emotions. Here are some Web sites to help you understand what’s happening inside your rapidly expanding midsection, find the answers your pregnancy-related questions and move through pregnancy with ease.


To say that pregnancy can be hard at times would be an understatement. In fact, sometimes simply trying to get pregnant is hard enough. If you need to research the basics of conception and fertility, The National Women’s Health Information Center is a great place to start. The site discusses what dietary changes are important and the exercise regimens a woman should consider before becoming pregnant. It also offers information to help explain when a woman is most likely to conceive a baby.

Prenatal Care

Am I eating enough fruit? Is there enough calcium in my diet? Will it affect the baby’s development if I don’t stream classical music through headphones on my belly? Plenty of women are concerned about making sure they do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy and give their baby a good start. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists summarizes the essentials, covering prenatal care, birth plans, nutrition and weight gain, and tests to ensure you and your baby are healthy.

Learn How the Baby (and Mom-to-Be) Are Changing

Just how will your baby change and grow throughout pregnancy, and what changes can the mother-to-be expect in her own body? is from the author of the popular book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Check out the information available under the “Pregnancy” tab to read about how the baby is growing, and don’t miss the “Community” page, which will connect you with other parents, or people hoping to become parents soon.

Pregnancy Problems

Should a pregnancy problem arise, you’ll want plenty of information about how to best handle the situation. The Merck Manual pregnancy portal discusses the disorders and complications that can arise during pregnancy. The Web site also features an extensive section on fetus and newborn complications. The text is supplemented with basic illustrations.

Preparing for the Baby’s Arrival

At the start of your pregnancy, nine months might seem like a long way off, but your new baby will be here before you know it. Sutter Health can help you plan ahead by preparing your baby’s nursery, buying the supplies the baby will need and understanding your birth options at the hospital.

Choosing a Baby Name

Will your baby be saddled with an unwieldy family name, or are you hoping to come up with something more original? Baby Names Garden has divided popular and less familiar baby names almost every way you can think of. See which names are common in individual states, gather star-powered inspiration from the celebrity baby names list, or take a step back in time to review Victorian and biblical names. The site also has cultural lists of Hispanic, Irish and African names.

Resources for New Dads

The baby and new mommy may be the stars of the show during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean dads should be overlooked. In fact, Childbirth Solutions devotes a whole section of information on what fathers will need to know about pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby. There’s “A Diaper Changing Primer for New Fathers,” “A Guy’s Perspective” about the pregnancy experience, and even thoughts on the “Circum-decision.” Click on any of the links to read down-to-earth stories and learn a little at the same time.

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