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                                                                                              Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press
Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham strikes the ball during the second half of an
exhibition MLS soccer match against FC Dallas.

Resuscitating Soccer

June 11, 2008
by Liz Colville
In 2003, the U.S. professional women’s soccer league closed its doors. It has since reopened them, but the new organization, the WPS, faces an uncertain future. Meanwhile, Men’s Major League Soccer has continued to languish in obscurity, largely ignored by networks and sports fans. David Beckham was brought in to resuscitate U.S. interest in the sport. But will Americans ever join the ranks of soccer fandom?

Kicked to the Curb


U.S. Soccer Until Now

Small-Time Renaissances

In recent years, U.S. soccer has continued to rely on star power to breathe life into the sport. In 2007, the Los Angeles Galaxy signed English soccer megastar David Beckham, who talked in March 2008 about his relocation on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

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