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Discover Your New Dream Career

June 06, 2011
by Shannon Firth
Do you wish you’d chosen a different career? Maybe you wanted to own a bed-and-breakfast or run a vineyard in South America. Or, perhaps you dreamed of becoming a chocolatier, a dog trainer, or a TV producer. It’s not too late to start over. Whatever your dream, there are ways of exploring the path not (yet) taken.

Getting Ready to Change

Professional coach Monty J. Sharp advises career changers to “begin with the “End” in mind. If you were writing your own eulogy, what would you most want people to remember about you and your life? Answering that basic question will give you a good idea about where you are now and where you want to go.”
The National Association for Continuing Education provides resources for those looking for a career specifically in the medical and mental health fields.

If you would prefer to study and learn outside the classroom, visit The World Lecture Hall. This site, developed by the University of Texas at Austin, hosts a compilation of online courses and resources including syllabi and often lecture notes.

Keeping the Dream Alive?

For a Change of Scene

A Brief Respite

Try One On for Size?

In 2001, Brian Kurth, after being laid off from his own job, traveled the country and asked people about their dream jobs. His company, Vocation Vacations, emerged from that trip. In this NPR interview Kurth explained the value of his company: “What you get out of it in two to three days is that test drive, that baby step … you don’t completely have the tool set to go out and make a career change … you need an action plan.” He explained that sometimes this means developing a business plan or going back to school. Equally helpful, you may discover that the job isn’t what you expected.

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