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Suspicious Sites:

April 30, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
FindingDulcinea's mission is to cut through the clutter on the Web and spotlight sites that matter. Suspicious Sites shines its high beams on sites we think you should be wary of. We’ll explain exactly what our concerns are and offer better alternatives.

The Skinny

facebook seems at first glance like a legitimate industry Web site, offering informative articles about myriad insects and how to get rid of them. And the articles, written mainly by freelance writers, seem legitimate. The site also contains many ads for pest-control services all over the United States, as well as this odd message at the bottom of the homepage: “, is a pest control website that may be for sale for $35,000.”

The Suspicion

Beneath the line about the site being for sale is another one listing other, pest-related domain names for sale for $5,000 each:,, and so on. The inescapable conclusion: the sole purpose of this site is to attract a buyer for the domain name, presumably to publish a more legitimate site. The current owner apparently bought up dozens of pest-related domain names hoping to sell them at a steep profit, a practice called “squatting.”

The most amusing part of this placeholder site can be found atop the list of most recent articles. The top headline: “Pest Control Web Site for Sale.”

The author of this “article” says, “My company specializes in selling domain names.” It then goes on to explain that buying this long-established site, instead of starting your own, will help you rise higher in Google’s search results, explaining that the articles are merely “spider bait for search engines.” It closes by offering a new price: “You can probably buy this site for $65,000.”

The Solution

The transparency of this site about its goals is amusing and even refreshing, but its proud claim that the sole purpose of the articles is search-engine optimization undermines its value in pest-control optimization. This site is obviously not the best source for pest control information. Instead, visit The National Pest Management Association’s “Pest Guide” for truly authoritative tips on how to identify and get rid of a wide array of pests. You’ll find more credible sites, including those to help you find pest control services in your area, recommended in the findingDulcinea Pest Control Web Guide.

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