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A Gift For Those With Wanderlust

December 25, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Plan your next (hassle-free) excursion with TripIt, in addition to surfing on over to RACE: Are We So Different? for a profound examination of racial struggle: past, present, and future.

Up & Coming: TripIt

TripIt is designed for the scatterbrained, the well-traveled, the oft-traveling, the perpetually traveling, and the neat freaks of the world. Organizing your travel plans into one simple, clean, clear itinerary, the site promises to make each leg of your journey easier by eliminating all those envelopes, papers, staples, and stickies from your carry-on luggage. Send your itineraries to the site and they’ll do the rest—including let you share the information, send it to wireless devices, and print it out.

Up & Running: RACE: Are We So Different?

RACE: Are We So Different? is a great resource on the history, politics, and culture of racial struggle, relations, and progress in the United States. Using multimedia presentations including slideshows and timelines to supplement articles on milestones and analysis of issues, the site is an important resource that will increase the awareness and social conscience of all its visitors.

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