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The Holiday Spirit: Online Edition

December 23, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
If you're looking for a silly and enthusiastic way to greet your friends and family this holiday season, check out Holiday-O-Matic. However, for those who tend to eschew holiday lollygagging, head to Springwise.

Up & Coming: Holiday-O-Matic

Holiday-O-Matic is a silly greeting card service for a good cause. Use the random Wheel of Fortune style spinners to select a holiday event, an adjective to go with it, and a noun, to create the phrase “May your _____ be _____ and filled with _____.” Like Mad Libs®, you’ll find yourself with some ridiculous greetings, but each one you send will donate 50 cents to Rotary First Harvest, a nonprofit that works with farmers and produce distributors to efficiently provide hunger relief for those in need.

Up & Running: Springwise

Springwise is a network of 8,000 people who gather the most interesting ideas and trends for entrepreneurs—and any other inspired mind. The site is set up like a blog: it is refreshed throughout the day, and information is categorized by topics like “Eco & Sustainability” (join the movement to reuse your Starbucks coffee grounds in the garden), “Design,” “Life Hacks,” and about a dozen more. It offers initiative for your philanthropic side, your creative side, your professional side, and much more.

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