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Convenient Resources for an Inconvenient Truth

December 28, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
If you feel compelled to participate in the Green Movement, but aren't quite sure where to invest your time and effort, we're confident that you'll be a regular visitor to Zerofootprint. While you're saving the planet, give Findlaw a perusal. They've been walking Web surfers through the treacherous abyss that is law for over a decade now.

Up & Coming: Zerofootprint

The environment is an increasingly important and prominent issue. But the number of new environmentally friendly products and causes can be overwhelming. Zerofootprint is a nonprofit organization that hosts events to promote awareness of environmental issues, and partners with cities and communities to launch local initiatives. The group’s Web site is a good resource to better understand how to live a greener lifestyle. The site provides tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint, links to environmental news, and information about living a green lifestyle. You can also use the site to learn about organic and eco-friendly products and find out where to buy them.

Up & Running: Findlaw

Findlaw was founded in 1995 in an attempt to give Internet users the ability to access information about their legal rights. The legal information is categorized into different sections on the home page, where one can find information on everything from immigration to employee rights. The Law Library section allows users to read any number of detailed guides written in simplified terms; the bookshelf provides full-text versions of various books on the subject. On the Findlaw message boards users communicate with one another regarding their own legal troubles and possible solutions.

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