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Teach Your Children Well

December 20, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
We encourage all parents to take a look at Kindersay, which might prove to facilitate your tot's knack for the English language. If you're looking for something a tad edgier, surf on over to The Straight Dope, which delves into the World Wide Web of all the rumors and urban legends you thought were true.

Up & Coming: Kindersay

Kindersay is an English-language learning site for preschool-age children. The site provides video activities that make entertaining and stimulating youngsters’ minds free and easy. Activities teach kids to name objects using text, pictures, and sound, and use simple navigation buttons (forward, back, and pause).

Up & Running: The Straight Dope

Think of The Straight Dope as a sister site to Snopes, the rumor and urban legend investigator. The Straight Dope gets to the bottom of questions you might have had as a kid and still don’t know the answers to, but are ashamed to ask another human being. The ghostwriters at SD will save you the embarrassment by informing you of silly and fascinating trivia.

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