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Searching for Meaning

December 21, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
If you're proud of your charitable interests and contributions, we think you'll fancy SixDegrees, a site that offers a platform for your desire to give. Speaking of giving, if you're plagued by Frustrated Shopper Syndrome, take a look at Consumerist, which offers a range of shopping advice and sweet deals.

Up & Coming: SixDegrees

Spreading the word about your favorite charity is as easy as tweaking your e-mail sign-off. Log on to SixDegrees to create a "badge" explaining why the organization is meaningful to you, then add a link to your badge in your signature. Hit Send and watch the donations multiply.

Up & Running: Consumerist

Consumerist, which you should find particularly useful at this time of year, is a haven for frustrated shoppers or anyone looking to snag a deal and make purchasing an easier process. Are those major magazines’ seasonal gift guides really helpful? Are you having warranty trouble? How much power do your electronics really use?

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