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Lessons on Language & Life

January 31, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Social networking with a twist, and timeless talk therapy.

Up & Coming: FriendsAbroad

FriendsAbroad combines the fad for social networking with language lessons. Join the site to connect with members worldwide, and choose from the 80 different languages spoken by members. E-mail and chat with your new friends, listen to voiceclips demonstrating their language, and create a profile to attract students of your own.

Up & Running: Elder Wisdom Circle

The Elder Wisdom Circle is a site that was created by a young man searching for the indispensable advice that can only be given by a grandparent. On the EWC, people (teens to age 30) can send a question to an anonymous cyber-grandparent, and receive an answer e-mailed from one of the site’s volunteers (you must be age 60 or over to volunteer).

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