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Friendly Monsters and a Vast Collection of Orations

January 18, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
These monsters go bump on the Net, and only on the Net, to soothe a child’s nighttime fears. And for people who enjoy speech that’s spoken trippingly on the tongue, a searchable library of famous speeches.

Up & Coming: Moshi Monster

Moshi Monster is the perfect remedy for any "monster" fears your child may be experiencing. Launched in 2007, this site allows you to choose and customize a pet "monster.” As you interact with your monster, his or her personality begins to develop. Join the "safe social network" and your monster can make friends with other monsters in the Moshi network.

Up & Running: American Rhetoric

Launched in 2001, American Rhetoric's "online speech bank" provides the text, audio, and video of over five thousand famous social and political speeches made throughout American history. Browse through the "Top 100"; search for your own favorite by decade, event, or name; explore the “Movie Speech” section; or receive a lesson in figures of speech.

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