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The Mod Squad Meets Web Tech

January 09, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
If you need yet another reality show outlet (and we all do), Mod My Life is the place to be. We also encourage you to visit Oh Don't Forget: a daily reminder that links your calendar to your phone.

Up & Coming: Mod My Life

Mod My Life is an online “reality show.” The reality part is that real actors perform in real time. The fun part is that you, the viewer, get to decide what actions, or “mods,” will be performed. Users suggest “mods”: Other users vote for or against them, and the most popular ones are then performed by the mod stars. The makers of the site believe they’ve got something better than (or, at least as bad as) a reality show: we think it’s a pretty clever idea, if only to keep your sense of humor afloat between now and the day the striking comedy writers are able to make a deal and return to work.

Up & Running: Oh Don’t Forget

Oh Don’t Forget is a tool for remembering the little things—and having them sent from the Web to your cell phone at exactly the time you want them. If you’re not inclined to use an all-in-one gadget like a Blackberry or iPhone, ODF will give you a clean and simple solution for remembering to pick up the dry cleaning, pay bills, call friends, remember birthdays, and whatever else you need to keep track of.

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