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Coping with Cancer and the Cold, Hard Facts

January 08, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
I'm Too Young for This should serve as a primary resource for young ones afflicted with cancer. Open Secrets infuses election politics with a refreshing amount of clarity by monitoring campaign finances.

Up & Coming: I’m Too Young for This

I’m Too Young for This is a Web site built for younger adults and children living with cancer. Creating a forum for discussion, connection, collaboration, and comedy online, the site offers many avenues for cancer patients to get relief, feel a sense of community, or simply be entertained during treatment or recovery. Created by a nonprofit cancer foundation, the site also provides opportunities for volunteers (to donate money or get involved) through the site. It was named one of the best Web sites of 2007 by Time magazine.

Up & Running: Open Secrets

In the run-up to the primaries, what better way to keep track of your favorite—and least favorite—presidential candidates than with Open Secrets, which monitors campaign financing. Learn what kind of affiliations the candidates have (using the “Top Contributors” link on the left), how much money is involved, and visit the profile pages of the candidates to learn which of the money is self-funded, from PACs (political action committees), federal funds, or individual donors. Statistics, such as the gender percentage of donors, are also available to the public. The site is run by the Center for Responsive Politics.

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