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Cutting-edge Film and Cut-up Toys

January 10, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Whether you're pursuing a career in filmmaking or simply enjoy viewing the latest trends in video art, Cutcaster is an outstanding new resource for those who dig the moving image. Now, we know everyone loves toys (just not the Bag O' Glass variety), so play it safe by perusing Healthy Toys.

Up & Coming: Cutcaster

Cutcaster is a premier new source for sharing, selling, and buying high-quality video from other filmmakers and video artists. Whether you’re after special effects, animation, or a particular subject matter, the site is easy to navigate and lets you find royalty-free and extended-rights content. A minimum of 40 percent of proceeds from digital-video sales go to the owner: Mezzato, owners of Cutcaster, claims that it’s more than the typical royalty amount. The site is free to join.

Up & Running: Healthy Toys

In the wake of recent incidents of toxicity in toys imported from China, several Web sites like Healthy Toys have cropped up. This particular site provides a forum and a resource for parents concerned about toys they already have, or looking for information on future purchases, as well as where to buy American-made products. Started by a Michigan nonprofit, the site also a list of known toxic products by brand and name. Visit findingDulcinea’s American-Made Toy Store for some alternatives to toys made outside the United States.

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