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Plasmic Music and eBay made Easier

January 11, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Gumshoo should prove to be a valuable and oft-used tool for those eBay freaks out there: we know who you are! Meanwhile, at LivePlasma you can attempt to make sense of your taste in music (while receiving some reliable recommendations, as well).

Up & Coming: Gumshoo

Gumshoo was established by a former employee of eBay and seasoned Web entrepreneur with the aim of simplifying the eBay experience and making it even easier to buy items through the site. Working with eBay, Gumshoo simply filters out the unwanted features and products that crop up in your search results, such as foreign items, accessories, or used items. You can also receive “risk alerts” before you buy an item, which helps you sift out possible fraud, ambiguous guidelines, or shipping information from the buyer.

Up & Running: LivePlasma

LivePlasma, mentioned in our Entertainment Web Guide, digests a list of your favorite musicians and creates a colorful map of related artists. Do you enjoy having a retail site suggest other selections based on users’ similar preferences? LivePlasma makes an entire site out of the idea, allowing you to browse around similar singer and band names to discover new acts, and does the same service for movies, directors, and actors. Retail links facilitate your music and film acquisition.

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