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The Boss Brigade

December 26, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
This survey of fictional and entirely-too-real bosses is sure to put a smile on your face — unless you happen to be working for one of them.

Crazy Bosses

The Greek Gods had Zeus, the Mafia had Capone, and Dunder Mifflin has Michael Scott. Chances are there’s someone in your life you call “boss”. Whether this boss has the psychotic tendencies of Napoleon, or the plays the supportive mentor, he/she has the right to tell you what to do, which gives you the right to hate them. The relationship you develop with your boss can be as time consuming and emotionally draining as a marriage. You are able to observe this ubiquitous creature in their natural habitat- your own psychological case study of the insane, tyrannical, or even admirable person you call your boss.

A review of some of the more memorable fictional bosses, from the ever “wise” Don Corleone to the Mr. Slate of the Bedrock Quarry.

Think your boss might be a Bellevue candidate? Post your “crazy boss” stories here.

Article showcasing the heavy hitters in the “Crazy boss hall of fame.”

Had one crazy boss, had them all? Stanley Bing begs to differ. Guide to different types of crazy bosses.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, LOVES his company.

Did he say developers? Another Ballmer classic.

Hammer time. The original boss of “The Office”, breaks it down.

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