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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

December 27, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
While the Web can offer the comfort of anonymity, the following sites attempt to infuse cyberspace with a dose of image control. Beware: the results aren't always pretty!

Fun With Vanity

Thanks to this high-tech world, you can achieve the ultimate in narcissism; take control of your public image and broadcast your gorgeous self on the Internet. Today, simply posting a picture is just too boring; the Web will help you morph into a Jolie twin sister; look like a model for a Botticelli painting; even see how you’d look as a member of a different racial group. Perform a complete virtual makeover and test out that punk rocker style you don’t have the nerve to try in reality; or just amuse yourself by finding out what celebrities you resemble.

So your mother claims you’re a dead ringer for Tom Cruise? Test it out here with the celebrity collage.

Always thought you would have made the perfect Botticelli model? Change race, age, species, or dimension with the University of St. Andrews Face Transformer.

Wondering what the child of Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig might look like? You can find out, along with other celebrity blends, online at the “If They Mated” segment on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

MorphThing provides pictures of famous faces that you can combine or morph with one of your own. The Andy Warhol feature allows you to test out your own photo in his famous, pop-art style.

Looking for an extreme makeover, but hold the “extreme” part? Test out new hairstyles, lip liners, eye colors, and more at this site.

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