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Fall from Grace

December 24, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
A smorgasbord of celebrity faux pas

Celebrity Bloopers

When seeing a celebrity on TV or in a magazine it’s easy to resent them for their perfect skin or six-pack abs. This feeling fuels our secret desire to watch celebrities fall on their faces-figuratively, and if you’re lucky, literally. It is in these rare, yet precious moments when they cannot be saved by a body double, airbrushing, or quick-tongued publicist, that we are able to reassure ourselves they’re just as awkward as the rest of us.

Falls from grace: Ten videos showcasing famous falls on stage.

Life isn’t as glamorous without a makeup artist. The Smoking Gun has the mug shots of some of the most notorious arrests in entertainment.

Lost the plot? Relive the clips they want to forget on this AOL site.

At least they can sing…(well some of them).  A “top ten” of embarrassing concert moments for famous musicians.

While they might already be the ugly step sisters of the celebrity world, politician mishaps still make us laugh.

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