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WWWW: World Wide Wacky Web

December 20, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Today, a rundown of some of the silliest and strangest news stories circulating the Web this past week.

Australia’s biggest online news source reports on something we all knew already: dogs will eat just about anything. But in this case, that trait inadvertently entered one of them into an eating contest, spoiling the fun for the human competitors.

Pretend you’re the president of a country off the U.S. foreign policy radar, and you might just get a call with W himself. Or at least, get past the first few rounds of screening.

Reuters gives us a collection of intriguing animals, including a big-eared, hopping desert rodent; a mouse that knows no fear; and a Christmas tree-lighting electric eel.

Think you’ve seen some strange warning labels? An anti-lawsuit group has declared one of them to be the country’s wackiest.

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