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The SNL Hiatus: How to Laugh in the Meantime

December 14, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
Several doses of the SNL cast to keep you laughing over the holidays, including a new project from Fred Armisen and cohort Carrie Brownstein, at left. Together they are ThunderAnt.

SNL may be temporarily retired from our television screens, but you can still catch up with the stars of the show, either by reminiscing with NBC’s video archives, or by exploring what some of the comedians are doing on the side.

Fred Armisen is a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live who has played a number of the show’s important roles recently, including the President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Thankfully, in the wake of the writers’ strike, we still have NBC’s host of old and new videos from the show, where you can catch him being serenaded by Andy Samberg in the spoof music video, “Iran So Far”.

But Fred also has another comedy project with fellow comedian Carrie Brownstein. Together they’re known as ThunderAnt, and on their Web site you can watch a public access music show featuring Saddam Hussein (played by Armisen, who is also a talented guitarist) and Brownstein as his lucky interviewer. [Note: Light usage of swear words].

You can also visit all the writers of the show in the “SNL Backstage” section, and view full episodes and digital shorts by heading to the “Video” section of SNL’s page.

Many of SNL’s cast members have also had stints in the improv group ASSSSCAT, which also performs at a weekly show in New York City called ASSSSCAT 3000. You can watch some clips of the group at work on Bravo TV’s Web site.

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