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Let's Go Out To The Movies

December 21, 2007
by findingDulcinea Staff
In our Friday installment of The Daily Tilt, we present a unique array of side-splitting cinematic experiences.

Trail of Laughs


What Would Jesus Buy? is an educational documentary from the producer of Super Size Me, and is also likely to attract a barrel or two of laughs. Its star is Reverend Billy, a character created by actor Bill Talen, who is a former New York subway preacher now orating to a congregation of thousands. His mission? To prevent the Shopocalypse, brought on by the American drive to buy, buy, buy. Watch the trailer at Apple Trailers and find showtimes through Fandango.

In Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black and Mos Def play two creative men who, after destroying rented videos, must reenact and re-shoot the films themselves. The results, even in trailer form, are side-stitching. The film's to be released in early 2008.

John C. Reilly’s first starring role casts him as the fictional Dewey Cox, a washed-up rock star whose life is retold in Walk Hard, released December 14, and brought to you by the makers of Knocked Up and Talladega Nights.

And finally, Sex and the City: the movie that almost wasn’t, because for years after the hit HBO show ended, its stars were looking to other horizons and denied rumors a film would be made. But after a hiatus, the original cast, led by Sarah Jessica Parker, reunited, and the film is set to hit screens in early 2008. The studio has just released its trailer, available at AOL Movies

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