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Awkward Encounters

January 09, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
While most people dread the idea of being involved in any kind of awkwardness, watching others struggle during these moments has some kind of inexplicable lure. In fact, Larry David made an entire television series out of it.

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger’s welcoming address to guest speaker President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was so awkward as to make Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Awkward Moments” list for 2007. Also on that list, Britney Spears’s unforgettable "comeback” performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

A victim yourself? Approach awkward situations head on, with a little help from this article.

Find yourself spending more time than you would like chatting with telemarketers? offers easy solutions for common cringe-worthy scenarios.

Name, and repeat. offers an amusing how-to video to help you remember names, and take unexpected social encounters from tumbleweed-silent handshakes to jolly reunions.

Finally, one of our favorite videos of 2007, "The Awkward Goodbye."

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