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7 Sites for Study Abroad Programs

February 17, 2009
by findingDulcinea Staff
Participating in a study abroad program is a key activity that can enhance your college years. FindingDulcinea recommends some of the best online resources for learning more about study abroad programs. Use the links below to find a program that’s right for you.

Studying Abroad: Take the Plunge

Taking the initiative to study in a program abroad is a big step that can at times seem daunting. The application process alone, with its array of paperwork, passports, visas and forms, makes you wonder if the experience is actually worth the effort. helps settle this question by proposing “Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad.” Read how gaining a new perspective, learning new languages, exploring your heritage and experiencing personal growth all make the study abroad opportunity one you won’t want to miss.

For Dummies also explores why spending some time studying abroad might be the right thing for you. Learn why a study abroad program can jump-start your career, and why experiencing a different education system can contribute to academic success. The site also links to related articles of interest, such as how to evaluate study abroad programs and whether to spend one semester or two when studying abroad; look for these articles and more in the links on the right side of the page.

Study Abroad Logistics

Ready to decide on the type of international experience you'd like to pursue? Visit Gulliver. This new site is devoted entirely to study abroad, and provides a range of tools to help students find programs that not only fit their personality but also are accepted by their college or university. Gulliver allows for unbiased, side-by-side comparisons of different programs, a shift from typical online study abroad coverage, which is dominated by programs that pay to get the biggest Web presence. Gulliver also helps students connect with each other through online profiles, furthering thoughtful online discussion of studying abroad. Don't miss the blog, which presents an eclectic mix of destinations and topics of interest to students heading abroad. offers a wide variety of programs for studying, working, volunteering and interning abroad. Whether you’d like to study languages at one of the top universities in China or go surfing with the turtles in Costa Rica, the site offers a range of opportunities. Learn about scholarships, student IDs and more with the links at the top of the page

CIEE (The Council on International Educational Exchange) is dedicated entirely to study abroad programs and opportunities. The site guides you through the basic considerations of choosing a study abroad program, and provides information on scholarships and other sources of funding, application advice and deadlines for different programs, and a FAQ section that answers some common questions. The site’s “your stories + photos” section can help motivate you as you start the application process.

Travel Tools and Resources

Many study abroad programs and funding organizations have admissions processes that can be quite competitive. Transitions Abroad offers advice on how to write a successful study abroad proposal that will impress the admissions committee and put you on your way to your dream study abroad destination. Learn why knowing your audience and topic, being neat and concise, and having realistic expectations can make all the difference in writing a winning study abroad proposal.

When traveling to a foreign country, there are some tools and resources from home that can make your international experience a little bit easier. The International Student Travel Confederation, for instance, issues the ISIC Card, which gives you access to thousands of discounts and opportunities in travel, health insurance, food, lodging, cultural activities and more. Visit the site to find travel guides, emergency hotlines, travel forums and other resources for the student traveler.

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