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6 Sites for Planning a Disney Vacation

February 09, 2009
by Sarah Amandolare
Planning your Disney vacation can be a fun way to bond with your family, or build anticipation for your vacation. The six sites we’ve linked to below tell you what you need to know before you embark on a Disney vacation, and offer advice for having fun and staying organized while planning your trip.

The Lay of the Land

Every type of Disney vacation is thoroughly detailed online, including visits to theme parks around the globe and voyages on Disney cruises.

The travel homepage is an excellent starting point for exploration, featuring links to every international Disney destination, from Hong Kong to Anaheim. You’ll also find inside information on Disney cruise ships, and discover special Disney travel offers. Check out its section on pre-trip planning tips.

Enjoy the Preparation

If you think all the fun starts once you arrive at Disney, you’re mistaken. Planning your vacation can be great fun. 

The American Chronicle published an article called “Tips for Planning an Awesome Disney Vacation,” which, despite the repetition of the title throughout, gives easy-to-follow, helpful advice. Learn which qualities and skills will serve you well while planning and executing your Disney vacation, such as improvisation and calmness. Also find out when to go to Disney, how to maintain your budget, and how to avoid long lines inside the parks. 

The Imagineerds blog is all Disney, all the time. A post on preparing for a trip to Disney World (tips are applicable to any type of Disney vacation) is meant for families with children. Fun ideas to build excitement for a Disney journey are presented, such as a “special Disney piggy bank” and Mickey Mouse-themed baked goods.

Take a Video Tour

Online videos from official Disney Web sites and TV channels let you see Disney before you arrive, building your family’s level of anticipation.

Disney produces free DVDs
for its vacations, taking viewers on tours of Disney theme parks, revealing new performances and attractions, and presenting money-saving tips. 

The Travel Channel
lists all of its segments that feature video footage of Disney, including TV host Samantha Brown’s top 10 favorite things to do at Disney, a video on Orlando dining, and a video with tips for a Disney vacation “on a dime.”

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