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6 Sites for Keeping Fit While Traveling

February 04, 2009
by Sarah Amandolare
It is entirely possible to keep up your exercise routine and maintain good nutrition on vacation or during business travel. The six sites below show you how, offering healthy eating advice, tips for exercising in your hotel room, ways of staying active without hitting the gym, and special recommendations for serious runners.

Basics of Healthy Travel

On vacation, you’ll probably want to keep your fitness and nutrition concerns in the background and find ways to enjoy your surroundings without losing sight of your health. The way to achieve such a feat, according to Fit Sugar, is to keep things simple. The savvy site has teamed up with WebMD to recommend five ways to stay fit on vacation, including planning ahead to put working out into your schedule, being prepared with healthy snacks and keeping portions small. Fit Sugar also offers advice on steering clear of “dining out disasters,” and how to “indulge in moderation.”

But what if you can’t bear the thought of hanging out in a hotel gym during your getaway? Traveling Mamas has six suggestions for keeping fit without stepping on a treadmill. The Mamas suggest joining the kids in active pursuits like boogie boarding, and leaving the car behind in favor of a walking tour. Other options include bringing along inline skates, going for bike rides and getting up early to enjoy the great outdoors on a hiking trail.

Odds and Ends

If in the excitement of packing and preparing for a vacation you’ve got a nagging feeling you’ve forgotten something, consult HealthAtoZ’s “Eight Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling.” The article highlights those seemingly obvious, but easily forgotten essentials, such as packing medication and proper clothing. Get advice for a safe and healthy flight, including how to avoid fatigue and deep-vein thrombosis when crossing time zones, and learn about dealing with illness and medical care abroad, with an emphasis food and waterborne illnesses. The bottom of the page links to articles on jet lag and monitoring your health once you get home from your trip.

On Business

Health Web site 60 IN 3 has advice for business travelers, and addresses the unique challenges faced by those frequent fliers often stuck sitting in boardrooms. The site is written by a man who lost 60 pounds in three years, a feat that left him with a wealth of fitness and nutritional knowledge to share with readers. Healthy business travel starts on the plane, he says, and continues in the hotel and during business meals.

A video on CNN demonstrates how to exercise in your hotel room, with simple options like push-ups, jumping jacks and resistance bands.

Serious Runners on the Road

Whether you’re training for a big race yourself or vacationing with a marathoner, heed advice from the Runner’s World article on combining running and relaxation while traveling. Among the tips: runners can use an early morning training session to scout out places to go or to eat later, mapping out the rest of the day while putting in miles on unfamiliar local roads.

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