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6 Sites for Holiday Drinks: Eggnog, Mulled Cider, Champagne Cocktails and More

December 25, 2009
by Isabel Cowles
Few things enliven an event like a great cocktail. Add some extra indulgence to your holiday party with these six Web sites. Imagine a Christmas-themed martini that smells like an icy pine forest; creamy eggnog with rum and nutmeg; warm, mulled cider full of cinnamon and cloves or a peach-infused champagne cocktail to help you party like it’s 2010.

Christmas with a Punch

No matter how much you love mixing unique drinks, taking lots of special orders at a big shindig can take away from your own party time. If you’re hosting a holiday event this year, serving punch is probably the way to go. Drink of the Week, a Web site specializing in unique libations, offers lots of options for your punchbowl, as well as quite a few individual holiday cocktails.

Mulling over Wine and Cider

Mulled wine and cider are holiday classics, and it’s always great to serve something warm on an icy night. Set a pot of wine or cider over the stove with allspice, clove, cinnamon, orange zest and sugar; you’ll enjoy the festive aroma as much as the drink itself. The Food Channel shows you just how simple it is to mull your own wine or cider.


The martini has been done a million ways: add cranberry juice for a cosmo, or onions for a Gibson. This year, take a tip from The New York Times, and add some Spruce Gin to your shaker for a Christmas-themed martini guaranteed to give any Scrooge a holiday buzz.

Use Your Noggin: Make Eggnog

Eggnog is especially easy to buy in a mix; during the holidays, grocery stores and liquor stores stock their shelves with premade stuff in a carton. Dan Crane at Slate got a few friends together to do a nog taste test using both store-bought and homemade varieties. The group agreed, not surprisingly, that homemade is far superior to store bought. has an eggnog recipe, complete with detailed instructions and photos. This particular version requires bottling and refrigerating your eggnog for at least 30 days (or up to a year) before serving. Make two batches: one for this year, one for next.

A Bit of Bubbly

Nothing goes with auld lang syne like champagne. Jazz your flute up a bit this year with some champagne cocktail inspiration from If you’re bored with the standard mimosa, try a peach-flavored Bellini. For those who favor something with an extra kick, go with a French 75, a combination of gin and champagne first devised at Henry’s Bar in London.

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