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6 Sites for First Aid Tips and Resources

April 04, 2010
by Liz Colville
Use the Web sites below to learn about first aid treatments, get first aid certification, find first aid supplies and equipment, and more.

Get Your Bearings on First Aid

Everyone should be prepared for an emergency, whether it happens at home, at work, on vacation or in an unexpected place. Medical emergencies often depend on help from regular citizens to monitor or improve a situation before professional help arrives. Even without first aid certification, you can find reliable information online on how to better equip yourself for emergencies. Your knowledge could save a life.

Find informative articles on what you should do in an emergency situation, or figure out what should be in your family’s first aid kit, at the Web site of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Find advice on preventing medical emergencies, preparing for them, assessing them and responding appropriately with the article “What To Do in An Emergency,” or read “Home First Aid Kits” to learn what to stock up on.

You’ve probably seen the choking prevention poster in restaurants, but you don’t have to wait until an emergency to find out how to actually perform the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich Institute has basic information on how to perform the technique. There’s even information on how to help a choking pet using the maneuver.

Learn about First Aid Treatments

There is a variety of treatable conditions that can affect children or adults at any moment—during a sporting event or outdoor activity, on vacation or at home. For conditions like stings and bites, food poisoning, nose bleeds and overexposure to the sun, there are basic rules and tips to be learned on eMedicineHealth. The site has instructional articles on dozens of first aid problems. Use the search bar, browse the topics alphabetically or explore the 80-plus information centers with extensive lists relating to specific topics.

Buy a First Aid Kit

Whether your place of work is looking for first aid equipment, you’re teaching a first aid course, you’re about to go on a trip or you want to stock up at home, CPR Savers & First Aid Supply can equip you. The online store sells first aid kit for your home, equipment for a course, supplies for a professional environment or survival kits for outdoor and adventure activities.

Take a Course in First Aid

Sometimes basic tips and advice on first aid aren’t enough. If a job, volunteer opportunity or trip requires you to get first aid certified, start with the Web site of the American Red Cross, which is the leading provider for rescue and first aid certification in the United States. Its “Get Trained” page describes courses for different types of audiences: communities, workplaces and professional rescuers. Enter your zip code into the search field on the right to find a local Red Cross chapter near you; your local chapter can provide more information on taking a first aid course.

Some first aid training organizations cater especially to the workplace. Try Medic First Aid, a global organization that helps businesses get certified according to the standards of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

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