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5 Sites for Homemade Gift Ideas

December 17, 2010
by Colleen Brondou
Do your parents still have the clay bowl you made for them in second grade? In many homes, it’s the simple, handmade gifts that are most appreciated. Parents aren’t the only ones that appreciate a gift made by hand. Visit the sites below to find ideas for gifts that you can make especially for the ones you love.

Like the idea of homemade gifts but afraid your gifts will look too amateurish? Associated Content comes to the rescue with an article on “Giving the Gift that Says ‘I’m Creative, Not Cheap.’” The article offers practical advice on making gifts that will look polished (and be gratefully received), by using quality materials that appeal to the recipient’s taste and style. Get tips on making jewelry, needle crafts, photo gifts and scrapbooks as well as gift baskets that say “made by hand with love,” not “thrown together from stuff I found lying around the house.”

DIY Network’s “Christmas Crafts” section has simple how-to videos on making gifts, decorations, ornaments, cards and more. Scroll down the page to find featured Christmas crafts and lots of gift ideas for babies, kids, pets and adults. Each project comes with step-by-step instructions and photos illustrating each step, making it easy to follow along. Gifts like cufflinks made from Legos, iPod cozies, hip onesies and superhero capes are sure to get your creative juices flowing—and to put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face.
ReadyMade is bursting with designs for all things handmade. The “Celebrate It” section offers loads of gift ideas, including jewelry, homemade liqueurs and a minimalist menorah. Of course, the categories on the left offer even more crafty ideas that might make wonderful holiday gifts.

Whip up
makes looking for gift ideas just as much fun as making them. Though the blog doesn’t have a section strictly devoted to holiday gifts, it’s loaded with beautiful crafts that would make extra special gifts. Take time to browse the blog for photos and tutorials gathered from around the Web. Learn how to make a votive candle holder from recycled CD jewel cases, an exquisite box from recycled soda cans, or paper pom poms to add pizzazz to gift wrapping or a Christmas tree. gets the whole family involved in making gifts for the holidays. Look for last-minute gifts that can be whipped up in a hurry, gifts for pets, gifts for teachers and creative ideas for wrapping the finished product. All projects are accompanied by instructions, a list of materials and photos to help your child through the process. You’ll even find fun gift ideas that you can make for your children, appropriate for kids of all ages.

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